Our first Yukata attempt

  In Japan, summer festival, usually accompanied by fireworks, is held around the end of July to August. During this festival, you may see many people (both men and women) wearing Yukata, which is the simplified version of Kimono or the casual summer kimono.

  Actually, this is our first time wearing kimono and seeing the fireworks during our stay of 5 years in Japan. Well, we really had a wonderful experience.

  Firstly, we searched for the Yukata wearing videos on YouTube, and luckily we found one from the Uniqlo channel. It took about an hour for us to try to put it on. May be because we are amateurs... The most difficult part was the obi (belt) version. It was sort of tiresome to adjust it till we get the position we want.

  But, all the hard work paid off in the end, and you may see the result as follows... 
She looks amazing!! 🙂

Model : Zin Mar Soe Moe
Hair and Makeup : Moe Thuzar Kyaw

ZM front view


ZM waiting for taxi



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